The other side of fear


I’ve been thinking about the range of things we tend to assign fear to:

Fear of heights? fear of dark spaces? water? immersion? change? eating certain foods? failure? success?

There are soo many things people have given up to fear, and it’s something we need to re-evaluate.

Isn’t it awesome how babies/children start life with such little fear? as a child I was constantly testing my limits – jumping into the deep end of a pool not caring that I couldn’t swim very well or riding scary rollercoasters that terrified me simply because I was convinced I could. The strange thing is, the older I got, the more afraid of things I became.

A lot of it is purely psychological – we associate some deep consequence to the thing that enables the fear.

For a friend, it was visiting a certain place because of all the memories they were trying to surpress. They had endured a traumatic loss early on and found it easier to avoid the place completely and everything connected to it. Over time, it gradually evolved to a fear to even return.

When forced to eventually visit years later, looking back and recounting the experience, they realised it wasn’t the end of the world like they’d feared it’d be. The memories weren’t overwhelming…it actually felt like they had finally closed a chapter on something long overdue.

What is it for you? what are you afraid of?

I think sometimes it is the fear of the unknown that holds us back from doing or trying certain things. “what would happen if i do ______?

Facing the fear head on like my friend did is one way to deal with it but not the only way. Try and pinpoint the real root of your fear and then seek help where you can. It’s never easy uncovering things, especially if the root is a deep wound etc alone.

Recognition is the first step

Seeking help or figuring out ways to address it is another step

Actually doing something with the solution you’ve found is the final step.

Remember it is a process but it all starts with taking that first step.

“everything you have ever wanted in life is on the other side of fear”

Be inspired


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