Destination Africa: Dakar

Travelling around the continent has been very big on my agenda for the past couple of years but for some reason, I kept procrastinating. This year, I put a couple of destinations on my 2017 plan and finally ticked off one 🙂

3 Cool Observations from my Trip:

One big melting pot

You find a wide variety of ethnicities in Dakar. Quite a number of interracial relationships and multicultural affinity.

Everyone I met seemed quite friendly and favourably disposed to visitors. My french isn’t the best but a lot of people made the effort to meet me half way.

Well Preserved History

The tourism industry in Dakar is ripe with history. You can tell soo much about the city from the architectural style that have been preserved, the way of life, to the food.

I loved visiting the African Renaissance Monument.

Dakar Photography: (c) ijunoltd 2017

Fact: it’s the tallest sculpture in Africa (and is even bigger than the Statue of Liberty). Other than being an edifice to behold, the well documented history of the road to freedom inside the museum (which is actually located within the sculpture), you also get an amazing panoramic view of the city from the top of the statue.

Crazy weather…and even crazier waters

I arrived late afternoon and the sun seemed ready to fry the foolhardy lol. It made me wish I packed more weather appropriate outfits (thankfully the experience in the evening sobered me up).

Fear not! the city is very well planned. I stayed around Plateau as well as Ngor and there were a lot of trees to mitigate the sun’s harsh rays.

Dakar Photography: (c) ijunoltd 2017

OR you could do the western thing and observe siesta in the afternoon and start your adventure late afternoon/early evening, when the weather is milder.

The good thing about hot weather in a city like Dakar, is the lure of the sea. The waters are soo pristine! richly blue and just beautiful to behold.

Dakar Photography: (c) ijunoltd 2017

If you are into sailing, surfing, or just swimming, there’s an abundance of things to do to keep you cooled off.

We will be sharing tips and findings from this trip over the next couple of weeks.

What’s on your travel list for 2017?

Be adventurous


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