Paying it Forward

Have you ever been the recipient of acts of kindness? Do you do nice things for people when you see the need?

As human beings we are relational beings. We want people to care when we are in need even if we may not expect anyone to do anything about it.

In the world we live in, it gets cold, lonely and easy for us to stop caring about others’ needs and only worry about our own.

Whilst this is understandable, we should be careful not to let it stop us from being conscious of blatant need around us. Just like we feel good when others pour into us, others can benefit from us pouring into them. No matter how small or mundane we may deem the need to be, if it is within our capacity to help, we should. You never know what your ‘small’ act of kindness may do in the long run of things for the recipient or even for yourself.

For those that believe in Karma, “what goes around comes around”. I genuinely believe that paying forward acts of kindness helps make a difference in our world. No matter how small. I feel like it sets off a chain reaction …. a ripple effect in our world.


Imagine the woman struggling across a busy train platform with a heavy suitcase, who is helped by a stranger who sees her need. Out of her gratitude for that kindness may on another day see someone else struggling with something else and remembering her own ordeal and how grateful she was, decide to help. and so on and so on

To the person helping, it might be nothing at all, but to the recipient, it might be everything. $1 might be nothing to you but everything to someone else in need – everything is relative.

That’s what makes acts of kindness so significant, because more often than not, the recipient of your kindness didn’t expect it.

Whether it’s giving a helping hand, physical, emotional or financial, see how you can start paying things forward for all those times in the past people have been blessings to you. You don’t necessarily have to pay back the person who blessed you, just as long as you try to bless others when you see the need.

Don’t belittle small needs as you just might be the difference between a terrible day and an amazing one.

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