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Happy Valentines Day!

Here’s to hoping your day is filled with random but thoughtful acts of love from people around you.

What’s your status? Regardless of whether single or taken, there’s always something you can do today to share the love.

#1 Tired of going out and being stuck with the masses?

Instead of going out for dinner in a fancy restaurant where you may lose the romantic personal vibe, how about planning dinner at *home and perhaps consider getting a ‘chef’ (do you have friends who are chefs? this could be an excellent time to patronise them) to design a menu around you two and preparing the meal for you two at your home.

Alternatively, you could go food shopping and grab food items that mean something to both of you and create a menu using those ingredients 🙂 .

Can’t cook wont cook?

Order takeout from top vendors that make the dishes you are after for your dinner.

*Do you have a space in your house that could serve as a dinner location? A balcony? Veranda? Garden? Rooftop? Take advantage of such spaces, decorate and set up there. Ambience is everything 😉 so get creative with candles, flowers or petals, lights, and of course music.

#2 No bae?

How about doing a “friends-valentines day” and just spend the day with people you care about – no strings attached 😉


Staying in? bring out the drinks, food, music, movie, games…whatever recipe for a friends date success story that works for your circle.

Going out? pick a place you’ve always wanted to try with your friends and just enjoy celebrating each other – you can go one step further and add small thoughtful gestures (presents ; or flowers)

#3 Still nobody to love?

How about just celebrating yourself? Do something nice for yourself even though it’s not your birthday 😉 buy nice flowers, chocolates, wine, cook a nice dinner and have a proper pampering session for yourself (have you seen this?)


Alternatively, how about sharing valentines day with the less privileged in your community? and loving on them.. it’s definitely a must try! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed at the end of the day. A few years back, I spent the day with special needs kids and I felt grateful that I was able to do that.

Options – homeless shelters, charities, orphanages, schools, soup kitchens, etc

Make a care package and carry along with you for them on your visit. Be intentional about what you put together in your care package – keep the intended recipients in mind when compiling.

#4 No time for anything elaborate?

Think of something special as a gift and send it to that someone special. Send it to their address so even if you don’t get to hang out, they still feel loved and remembered  today.

Put a lot of thought into what you decide to send, so that it’s something of value and not just a random gift for the sake of the holiday.

Send a thoughtful message 🙂 video call, regular call – still something 😉 make plans to properly celebrate when you are both less busy and more available.

how cyute

So, what have you decided to do? its not too late?


Be inspired


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