What’s on your 2017 agenda?


Have you mapped out your plan for 2017 yet?

How’s it looking?

I’ve been putting together mine mentally but definitely need to put things down on paper.

Have you tried out a “vision board”?  I will definitely recommend this to help you in mapping out your vision for the year ahead.


#1 Find somewhere quiet and think about what it is you want to accomplish in 2017

#2 Keep it simple

  • Use bullet points to make it easier to read/skim
  • Be as concise as possible so in latter months you can refer to it and remember the original intent
  • Use pictures, if possible, to help visualize things

#3 Put realistic things down – things you can actually accomplish within the timeframe

  • Add things that you want to work towards with your career/professional goals
  • Add things that you want to work on in your relationships
  • Add things to help improve you as an individual – a self development course of your choice, improved life choices, health regimen etc
  • In addition, commit to making time to give back in some way to society. It can be in whatever form is most convenient for you and your interests.

#4 Place it somewhere you can easily see to regularly remind/spur yourself on

  • This could be by your mirror, fridge, door? anywhere you frequent regularly as you go about your day

#5 Keep your plans/vision etc to yourself

  • There’s always the desire to share your dreams with your friends or others instead of working towards it – almost like seeking affirmation from them, when this should really not be the case.
  • Remember that your race is different to that of your friends and they may not see things the way you do (yet)
  • so, work on it and let it build before you start spreading the word! or let it speak for itself as it develops

#6 At the end of the year, don’t be discouraged if you don’t accomplish everything you’ve put down

  • There’s always next year to continue to work on the things that are outstanding
  • Remember to make room for these things i.e. unknowns, changes etc so you don’t lose hope when you take stock at the end of the year
  • Write down all the things you were able to accomplish in the year and be grateful for those accomplishments

Good luck



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