4 lessons learned from following the US 2016 presidential elections




I think it’s safe to say that whether or not you are a ‘TV person’, ‘News person’ or not, you knowingly or unknowingly followed the press coverage of the US 2016 presidential elections.

From trending social media posts on your timeline, articles and comments on media outlets on the candidates, to conversations had in social or professional settings. Something about the candidates just seemed to be everywhere all the time – especially the closer it got to the voting deadline.




So, irrespective  of personal preferences or views on either candidate,us-elections here’s what we’ve learned:


  1. Do not disqualify yourself from opportunities you want – no matter how ludicrous it may seem or how underqualified you may think you are

This is something a lot of people are realising from the election results. Irrespective of all the disparaging rhetoric in the press and online about Donald Trump and his ability to lead, he stayed committed to the race. With no previous political pedigree, He is the current President Elect of the USA.


  1. Be humble


Before you take the nuclear option in arguments, confrontations, etc with whatever information or data you have about someone, think about the flipside i.e. what happens after, when you have to work with the people you’ve vilified publicly?


  1. Perseverance is key

How many, when put under such an intense microscope, would stand firm and not yield to pressure to quit or act contrary to what they believe? No matter how criticised their opinions, views, choices are?

With whatever challenge you’re facing, stay focused on your goal! don’t quit! don’t be discouraged! Persevere – Till your goals become a reality.



  1. You don’t always get what you want

A vast number of people just could not imagine a world where their candidate, who they strongly believed was the only option, would not emerge victor. Just like life, you don’t always get what you want when or how you want it, no matter how amazing you think it might be – but hey! what can you do? You keep on living! – “live to fight another day“.

Remember that there are many routes to get to your ‘destination’. Just because one route led to a ‘dead end’ doesn’t mean that another might too. Take a second, regroup, then re-route your journey.

Keep exploring.


What lessons did you learn? share in the comments



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