Get out of your own head

Have you ever thought up something you assumed would be pretty awesome to do but never actually followed through on it?

Why is that?

Did someone in your circle shut it down? or did you do that all by yourself?

I think the latter category points towards spending too much time in your own head and is something I can relate to.

I consider myself to be an ‘ideas person’. I can come up with an idea or plan for someone else very quickly and they are usually really good ones, but when it’s an intricate but grand plan that I have to personally implement, I can spend a lot of time knocking it down before anyone else even gets the chance to do the same. So, by the time other people get involved, all they end up doing is adding nails to the already existent coffin.


Is this you too?


If like me you end up shooting down your own ideas or letting others do that for you then you are letting fear or doubts prevent you from taking risks that could make a difference.

For some people, the reluctance to ‘start’, ‘try’, ‘do’, stem from not having anyone believe in their idea or no one to run with the idea. Whatever the case may be for you, we should not be afraid to try and fail, even if that means doing it alone. If the fear of failing is crippling you from action, then you are still not really living.


A few suggestions to consider

#1 This is where you might have to rethink your circle, start surrounding yourself with positive, optimistic people – if you have too many ‘nay-sayers’. Get a mentor if necessary.

#2 Learn to encourage yourself when no one will. Be positive

#3 Honestly, just ‘start’ and think later. Like the Nike slogan, Just do it”.

#4 Worst case scenario, the idea does not work out, but hey! you will still have learned something from the experience.

what does not kill you makes you stronger


This year, I have definitely stepped things up with different ideas i’ve had and am still doing so – and the rewards have been amazing. So, i’m challenging you to do the same with whatever has been on your mind, if it’s keeping you up at night, it’s what considering.


Be inspired


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