4 Budget Friendly Ideas To Unwind Without Travelling



Does it bother you seeing pictures of people in your network from holidays all the time when you barely have time to go anywhere? Or even get time off from work?

Have you started feeling the flickers of a burnout from all that work stress or life stress?

Maybe it’s time you started paying closer attention to your body. Your body needs time to Recharge-Reboot-Revitalise every once in a while. It gives it that much needed balance, which will allow you keep doing what you do for longer 🙂

I know depending on the kind of work you do or work environment, you may not have the luxury of jetting off often (if at all) to some relaxing location. But that shouldn’t deter you from finding ways to unwind in your current location and for next to no cost.

So, here are 4 suggestions to help get you back on track:


1) Get involved in an Activity

For some people, exerting oneself in an activity helps to relieve stress

This could range from going to the gym or engaging in some sort of sporting activity

  • Going for a run in a scenic area
  • Exercising at home
  • A hike up a difficult terrain
  • Cycling
  • Rock climbing
  • Swimming 
  • Yoga

Alternatively, the activity could be more art & craft/creative.

Look for a free class to join or start your own class or buy the supplies and work on your own to create something – don’t worry about what to create, just enjoy the process. I think there is something quite satisfying and relaxing about working with your hands to create something out of nothing.



2) Day trip/getaway

Live by the coast?

Troop down to the beach!!

Pack a picnic basket with all your favourite treats and drinks, book or chill activity and head down for some R&R (Rest and Relaxation).

*I personally prefer secluded beaches because I want my R&R spot to be quiet and soothing

Don’t live by the coast?

Find a quiet park? Lake? Pond? Garden? Rooftop? Just a quiet scenic location and have your picnic getaway, away from all the stress you normally deal with


  • Such locations tend to be free or may have a small access fee but that should not dent your pocket 😉  
  • Plus you can make it a group trip and head down with close friends, loved ones, your go-to-people for stress free hangouts


3) DIY Spa day 🙂

Do you have Spa equipment at home to take advantage of? if not, use what you have to create that environment 🙂

  • Tidy a space in your house to use for your spa day, preferably a space with a bathroom – bathtub and sink
  • Light some scented candles or incense to create ambience
  • Turn off the lights in your allocated space, leaving the candles to illuminate the space


  • Find some soothing music or sounds that calm you (some people like the sound of water e.g. waves crashing in the ocean etc)


  • Recreate the sauna experience for your facial pores by plugging your sink and filling it with steaming hot water. Then put your face above the sink right in the steam and cover your head with a towel (this traps the steam in the space created thus giving your pores more steam time. when done, you can create your own face mask with whatever ingredients you have at home (look online for a face mask recipe searching your ingredients)
  • Fill your bathtub with water to your preferred temperature and add soothing bubble bath soap – jump in for a bath and have some cucumber slices ready for your eyes 😉 and a towel to lean your neck against whilst you relax



4) Stay-cation

Sometimes you just need time to do absolutely NOTHING!

In that case, make it a stay-cation (vacation in your house)

  • Switch off your phones/gadgets and just ‘unplug from the world’ – your regular routine
  • Pick out a movie to watch, make your own popcorn and pour yourself a glass of wine or favourite beverage and unwind
  • Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read and dig in
  • Turn up your stereo and have your own jam session
  • Have a look at 1) and 3) again and try out some activity


Hopefully, any of these suggestions should leave you feeling ‘right as rain’ 😉


Be inspired




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