Guys it’s that awesome season again where the world comes together for sports!!! I can’t begin to explain how excited this makes me. Why? I remember the energy in London during the 2012 olympics and how infectious it was. I literally lived at the doorstep of the Olympic village…so I bumped into athletes everywhere, from the underground to the malls.

I like to imagine the energy in RIO to be eclectic but from following news developments, one can only hope that positive things come from the spotlight being on Rio for the games.


Have you seen what the Olympic village looks like?

Pretty awesome huh? Makes one wonder what Brazil plans to do with all that housing once the Olympic games are done?

Fun ideas for the Olympic season

#1 host Olympic viewing parties

think pop up parties 😉 Olympic themed parties? 🙂

You can invite friends over to watch the games together with some food, drinks and music.

*you can incorporate your own mini Olympics to spice things up if you want 😉

Decorate your space with the flag of the country you support, prepare food and drinks from that country and play some local music as well.

It is always more exciting when you have a group of people supporting the same team rooting together in the same place. This way you can all share in the camaraderie going on in RIO.

#2 Follow social media active athletes

In addition to following the games on TV, this is a fun way to peek behind the scenes 😉

Quite a number of athletes and teams are active on social media. So, if you have the athletes you are rooting for or the country you support, you can find their social media handles and follow them on snapchat or instagram or whatever medium they are predisposed to for some inside scoop in the Olympic village 😉

My favourites thus far are Serena Williams (Snapchat: serenaunmatched) and Usain Bolt (Snapchat: ugoboss1919) but I’m sure I’ll add a few more once the games pick up 🙂

#3 living in or currently visiting RIO?

Buy tickets to an event you are interested in and go experience the action live!!. I remember how charismatic pubs and bars were around London during the 2012 olympics…so, it is definitely a great idea to be a bit more social if you are in RIO for the Olympics or just ‘visiting’ Rio ;).

Go out and meet people from other parts of the world!! What better time and place to be a global citizen?

*Disclaimer: whilst this is a great time and place to be social, be careful and vigilant! Don’t expose yourself to dangerous situations. More importantly, be respectful of the local culture and other cultures you encounter whilst celebrating.

Maybe its just me, but the Olympic fever definitely inspires me to be more creative than normal. I hope you are inspired too



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