Living in the moment vs capturing it?

What do you do when you find yourself in an ‘epic’ moment? Do you take it in or rush to capture it on camera? or both?

With this age of social media and camera phones, it has become possible to do both. I, personally, attempt to do both; although most of the time, I get caught up taking in the moment that I forget to take a picture.

From my travels, I discovered I have a thing for scenic views. Growing up, I was a bit obsessed with the travel magazines in seat pockets on flights. I remember pouring over pictures capturing amazing aerial shots of various locations, beautiful sunsets and unique architecture, wishing I could visit those places and re-live the captured moment.

Now, whenever I travel, I always make it a priority on my ‘things to do list’ to find some of those spots to take in the beauty I may have heard of from a local or read about.

My current city, Lagos, has beautiful sky-lines and here are a few scenic pictures I have been able to capture of it.

view of Victoria Island from Union Bank building in Ikoyi

view of Lagos Mainland from Union Bank building in Marina

beautiful sunset captured from a cruise along the Marina bay

Wherever you find yourself in the world, try to find time to take in the beauty of your location.

Try not to lose the moment in your attempts to capture it. 😉

Be inspired


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