New To Town?

Relocating to a new place can be challenging? Exciting? Both? Depends on where perhaps?

It’s been 3 years since my big move ‘home’ and in that time, I’ve observed others like me, struggle to ‘find themselves’ in this new environment. Traditional comforts such as steady power, fast Internet connection, versatile shopping and entertainment options were missing. Sadly, quite a lot of people found themselves becoming introverted because the *‘new traditional comforts’ in their current environment differ from their interests.

*This term is being used to refer to what a majority of people prefer to do

What do you do when everyone else takes pleasure in things that do not interest you?


I went through phases of ‘adjustment’, where I tried out these things, which ranged from clubbing, beach parties to weddings (the latter, I never had any real interest in doing prior to the move). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy parties (in moderation) and with the right company! But I, personally, feel that there are just way more interesting things to do.

In time, I started having mood swings due to the monotonous options available. I badly wanted my friends abroad to visit me, but I also worried about what we could possibly do with the limited options. Finally, a couple of friends reached out on their intended plans to visit, so I was tasked with finding other things to do.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 16.06.40

Can I just say how grateful I was that those friends visited, not only because it helped with my homesickness, but it also created an opportunity for me to find other ‘non traditional comforts’ in my new environment.

Don’t let yourself become complacent in a new environment, find motivations and get moving

I was pleasantly surprised with all the fun things to do – there are conservation parks,

interesting art galleries, markets, museums, theatres, boat rides, private resorts and many more. All the things I would do when visiting a new country were actually available here too!! I haven’t even done half of the things there are to do here yet! Crazy exciting right?

In addition, I have discovered tons of blogs and websites with kindred spirits looking for non-traditional activities. Now I am fawning over opportunities to explore neighbouring countries on group trips (because lets face it, I haven’t found many people here who share my interests to explore), 

attending weeklong theatre festivals and taking art classes – even if it means doing them alone.

So, wherever in the world you may find yourself, don’t let your environment define you! Don’t be afraid to be yourself even if that means you stand out – trust me if you look hard enough, there will always be people like you – so find them! 😉

Find the activities that interest you – zip lining? *Skydiving? Rock climbing? Hiking? Artsy? Raves? Trying out local restaurants? exploring local sites?

*maybe there are no sky diving opportunities here but there are so many other things!! I am definitely challenging myself to explore them this year – regardless of wherever it takes me.

Be inspired


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