Hi guys,

I’ve been MIA for a while, but let’s peg it down to letting life happen :). I was thinking about what to write about and decided that my recent journeys could hopefully be inspiring.

My ‘journeys’ in 2013 have taught me so much about myself. I’ve discovered that I unconsciously learned to adapt easily to new environments …pretty amazing trait if you ask me. When I reflect on the various experiences I’ve had this year, I’m amazed at all the perks that came with it.

Adapting doesn’t mean having to curb aspects of yourself to fit in, it literally means ‘becoming adjusted to new conditions’  – how can you make who you are work within new conditions? New environments?

I recently moved continents and then cities. I moved from what I considered ‘my comfort level’ to living conditions I would never have envisaged adapting to. So, it is safe to say I am doubly new in my current environment.

With all the changes, I could have been upset and resisted my new conditions but that would have only made me more miserable. I found that once I stopped resisting the changes I was passing through, things stopped seeming so impossible. I didn’t struggle to meet people or get things done. I just learned how to work with what I had. This involved trying to relate to different people in a way that they could appreciate…this did not however stop me from being true to myself. Adapting doesn’t mean pretending to be someone you’re not!

This year, a common feature in my travels involved having to do things myself such as, touring my new environment, getting about on my own with just my google map and google lol (pretty handy too). Normally I’d hate (more like be scared) having to do any of that in a new environment but I summoned courage and did, and I got to meet wonderful people, experience new cultures and really ‘find myself’.

Now I definitely feel more open to adventures than I would have been a year ago. I’m trying to figure out what adventure to embark on next!! Truly loving my new adventurous side :).

Hope you’re inspired to try new things even if that means you have to adjust your lifestyle a little bit

Be inspired xoxo


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