I’m Going To Need You To Do Better

Have you ever had one of those life-altering experiences that shake you to your very core? The ones that make you re-evaluate your priorities and choices?

I’ve had one of those recently and I promise you it wasn’t very pleasant. It wasn’t one of those ‘life flashing before my eyes’ scenarios (it should have been). I remember operating in autopilot in the thick of things. I came out of it re-evaluating my choices on a lot of things but most importantly it made me question why I had to wait for such an experience to seriously proactively change certain things in my life.

It also made me realise this was a common human flaw – why as humans do we wait for such experiences before we decide to do and be better? or to seriously work hard at them? Surely we know enough people and enough stories to act as a morality compass/catalyst? but still, we end up considering change temporarily and reverting back to old ways afterwards unless some life altering experience happens to us or someone close enough to shake us significantly.

Experience is NOT always the best teacher! I believe people who think otherwise are most times seeking comfort for bad decisions.

Take some time out today to think of things in your life that you could seriously change, think of solid real life examples to use as a catalyst…perhaps write it down and place it somewhere you would be forced to see it everyday to motivate you. If that doesn’t work for you, talk to your close friend(s) and discuss ways in which you can help each other with the changes you wish to see.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done”

Be inspired.


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