London 2012

This year has been filled with so many amazing festivities in london. These festivities were a welcome distraction from what is normally a characteristically ‘impatient’ City. I guess the ‘rush’ culture had to go on hiatus as visitors poured into the City for the Queen’s Jubilee followed by the olympics.

The most extra-ordinary influence was how nice and friendly london became over the past few weeks. I actually had a 15minute conversation with a fellow londoner (albeit stranger) on the tube!! (crazy right?). It was funny because we were both privy to the uniqueness of ‘friendly londoners’ especially on the tube. It makes a huge difference to one’s day, being nice to someone else (stranger or acquaintance) and/or being the recipient. *Lets aspire to inspire in the little things we do each day.*

Watching athletes come together and compete with such grace was also inspiring. Some losers were understandably more emotional than others; whilst some were happy to celebrate little victories. It made me think that it is not always a race for gold, although gold would be nice :D, sometimes being chosen to participate is a victory in itself – as long as when chosen we give it our very best.

Initially, I was sad that the olympics were over because I feared that ‘grumpy london’ would return; however being the optimist that I am, I choose to hope that the influence the festivities brought to us would remain. I’m looking to see a more helpful, accommodating london over the next couple of weeks. I choose to believe that this positive influence may catch on and remain 🙂

…if it hasn’t how about we who have felt this change (or want this change) keep on! hopefully we can start a wave 😉

I hope 2012 has been memorable for you too

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