Vision boards

I’ve been told by friends that writing things down are a very powerful way of getting those things done.

It’s almost like by writing down positive things you want to happen in your life or accomplish; you’re telling the universe or agreeing with the universe the way you want things to turn out.

How true is this?

My friends who have vision boards can testify to its usefulness. I’ve only just started and mine isn’t quite a vision board yet but more of a comic to do list which is slowly completing itself without much prompting on my path.

*P.S has anyone seen season 2, episode 4 of ‘happy endings’? check it out they mention vision boards in that episode.


If this is how quickly my to do list is materialising because I wrote it down and willed myself to complete it by a certain deadline, I can only imagine how much more rewarding a vision board materialising would be to those who use them.


Make my vision board of where I want to be and how I would like my life to map out. Then pray about it for conviction. If it’s not in line with God’s plan for you it wont work and that should be His way of telling you something. If it slowly starts materialising then you know you’re on track.

I heard an amazing speaker say that “God does not speak for our entertainment” and that ‘if we are on the right path HE won’t ‘talk’ but when we are going astray…’. so yeah, listen for the click in the spirit when you make your vision board and hopefully your life would be a testimony that encourages someone else years from now.

remember God doesn’t want us to limit ourselves in any way! we can do ‘all things through Christ that strengthens us’ – Philippians 4:13. don’t be afraid to dream big.

Here’s a link to a good article aired on Oprah on the same topic:

It’s pretty easy to make, just get pictures or cutouts of things you want and put them together. E.g:


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