Paper Plane Revolution

So a month ago I blogged about the paper plane idea, and recently I came across this awesome exhibition at the royal festival hall at Southbank, London. 

I like to think they were inspired by us hehe. Regardless, here’s an extract of the idea behind this cool exhibition:

The original 1951 Lion and Unicorn Pavilion at the South Bank Exhibition aimed to describe the British character and way of life as well as pointing out their contradictions. The lion of the title represented bravery and courage while the unicorn represented imagination and independence. At the heart of the installation was a sculpture of a flight of ceramic birds, symbolising migration and freedom of speech.

As a homage to this piece, our 2011 
Lion and Unicorn installation has been made by artist Gitta Gschwendtner working with 50 young refugees, whose poems – written and spoken – reinterpret the original themes of strength and imagination. A flock of white birds – or are they aeroplanes? – fly down the outdoor corridor linking Waterloo Station with Hungerford Bridge and comes to rest next to Royal Festival Hall.

Participants are from: The Refugee Council, Refugee Youth, The Refugee Home School Support Project, and The Klevis Kola Foundation, working with Joelle Taylor, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Philip Wells and Yemisi Blake.

– exhibition

In the same vein as the previous post, if you’re interested in inspiring someone through words then check it out when next you’re in central london, and see how you can partake in it. The exhibition would be on display all summer so you have ample time to check it out and work on inspiring poetry which could form part of the exhibition.

Your words could inspire curious strangers drawn to the exhibition, like me, and make a huge impact on their day or with whatever situation they may be facing :). I am definitely going to stop by and see how I can contribute/partake, I hope you do as well :).

Here’s some cool photography of the exhibition:


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