Sticks and Stones


You know when the universe is trying to talk to you but you’re too busy to notice? Well that’s been happening to me for the past few days. I kind of figured it out today, after reading a passage > proverbs 10. It’s a recurring theme in the bible > the need to watch what you say, the need to shut up if you haven’t got anything positive or constructive to say, the need to avoid hurting people with our words.

Even if we don’t intentionally go out to hurt people directly, we sometimes do indirectly. Its hard especially when surrounded by people talking about a certain topic, to want to chip in by contributing a story about something or someone which if relayed back to that person would hurt them; but we do it anyway, because at the time it seemed harmless and ‘good fun’.

Well the universe seemed to be talking to me through that scripture and it made me think of all the unpositive things I’ve said etc and it really bothered me. I don’t think about how others portray/perceive me but I won’t like to hear hurtful things, because whether or not we admit it to ourselves (to those who stoically insist that others words don’t hurt them) it HURTS.

Don’t have much to add to this except be careful with your words. Try your best to avoid situations where you’d find yourself being ‘unwise’ or ‘foolish’ as seems to be how people who speak without thinking are portrayed. See proverbs 18 also. Proverbs scares me into checking myself!! We’ve got to help build and not tear down with our words.

Spread love.


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