Physical Connections

Isn’t it great how much we can do with modern day technology? You can type up memos, emails, work etc on your blackberry or iphone. You can do so much virtual stuff on there that you can excuse physical absence from the lives of others; even worse with the increased reliance on social networking sites to communicate with others. We don’t have to meet up with our friends to find out what they have been up to, facebook, Twitter etc do an amazing job of keeping us informed.

Have we ever stopped to consider the meaning of all this cyber reliance?

We no longer value the importance of physical contact in any of our relationships. It is great that through these mediums, we get to stay relevant in the lives of many people at the same time, but what about in the lives of those that matter? Or have we classified all our relationships in such a general manner that everyone gets the same cyber treatment?

I just remembered the message I gleaned from a Christmas production last year. It emphasised that all these mediums are essentially distractions. These are distractions we have been entertaining. We would rather sit in front of a computer or laptop screen for hours typing out conversations as opposed to actually doing it in person.

Isn’t it funny how we no longer even laugh at jokes? We are content with typing ‘LOL’ or ‘LMAO’ when we are in reality not actually laughing. Why aren’t we laughing in reality? is it because most jokes sound better when spoken? My thoughts exactly.

The message I’m trying to convey is that we need to be careful that we don’t ruin important relationships or miss out on experiences by being overly reliant on these ‘distractions’. I don’t remember when it became okay to settle for looking at pictures of others living their lives on facebook,etc. We need to go out and live our own lives as well! Not through the internet! But physically.

I sometimes envy people who have never heard of facebook, don’t have blackberries or even internet :O. It may seem like a pre-historic way to live but somehow they survive. Besides, over reliance with such mediums is the major cause of the lack of people skills  – we may come across as bubbly, outgoing, fun etc on these mediums, but in reality we may not match up to the impression we may have portrayed online.

We need to make time to meet up with friends and catch up. Not everyone is crazy for cyber living, and the incessant need to upload information.

Trying to connect with the hundreds of people that are in our cyber lives to the detriment of the relationships we have with perhaps a handful of that following is the biggest mistake we can ever make.

We all need to make the effort to back away from the computer screen/phone screen and get to know our friends and loved ones better, on a face to face level. You would be surprised at how much of their lives they don’t share on all these cyber platforms.


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