It is easy to sit back and ponder on all the ‘should have’, ‘would have’ and ‘could haves’, but what we sometimes forget to do is to see the ‘here and now’ and do something about it. Yes, your life could have turned out differently if you had made different choices or decisions in the past, but you are here now, in the present, and in effect wasting time that could be spent on a new route to that ‘milky way’ you have envisioned for your life.

I like relating things to scripture, simply because I believe it has all the answers we seek. When I read Luke 12: 22-26 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke%2012:22-26&version=NIV I get motivated to stop dwelling on things that I cannot change but instead to focus on things that are positive. I focus on where I want to be, the route I want my life to take and the things and people in my life. Believe it or not the things we let into our lives have a huge impact.

A few months ago I heard this amazing message about positivity and how infectious negativity can be. Have you ever noticed how negative people attract other negative people? They try to justify everything that goes wrong in their lives. For instance, if they don’t get the dream job or the dream partner or the dream life, they get so negative and blame it on a million things. They focus so hard on the things that went wrong or are going wrong in their own lives that they somehow start convincing you that yours ‘suck’. They always have something negative to say about others who are out there chasing their dream, silently waiting for them to fail.

That’s what negativity can do; it limits us from living to our full potential. It determines what we see, how we see things and even the way we dream. We start feeling like maybe we are not good enough or deserving of the things we desire or that maybe where we are at is as good as it will ever get.

Well, that’s a horrible way to live! We need to remember that our mind is a powerful tool!! The greatest limit in your life and to your dreams is your mind. It’s like how you don’t want to try something but when you eventually try it you realise it wasn’t what you expected.

A lot of people I know would never consider skiing. They let the fear of the unknown convince them that such an experience is of no benefit to them. I considered myself to be this close minded person who would never try anything I wasn’t remotely familiar with. I’ve gone skiing and it was an amazing experience. It definitely opened my eyes to the power of the mind – if I hadn’t tried it, I would never have known I would like it.

It is the same way with dreams; sometimes we let circumstances discourage us from even trying. For instance, some might decide that the state of the economy means that there is a greater chance of them not finding a job, so they don’t bother applying. Some might decide that because they did not go to the best schools or get the best grades therefore others who went to better schools etc are more deserving. Have you ever stopped to think that you may be the exception?

We need to surround ourselves with people who are positive, who want to make things out of their lives, people who want better for us, people who encourage us to keep striving. Such positivity is infectious! Before you know it, you would start believing in yourself more, start redefining your dreams, daring to hope for things others would not imagine possible.

Remember if one door closes, there are many other doors to still try. If its connections you need, go out and network. If its a career change or affirmation, do internships. You have to be willing to try. Think “Eat.Pray.Love” (the movie) if you lack motivation/inspiration.

I believe if we aim for the stars, the worst case scenario is we land in the clouds, and that’s still pretty high!

We have heard of so many examples of people who did not go to university and have defied expectation. Think of Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, etc.

So stop limiting yourself  to past mistakes or decisions, be inspired to do something about the present.


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